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Hello and welcome to my website about YAG's or (Yard Auxiliary General's). On this page you'll find all sorts information here such as "what is a YAG"or "Who uses YAG's" also there are lots of facts about the vessels and insites into the ERD (Emergency Response Drills), Done on a regular training weekend. WARNIG! the following buttens are not working:davidbadger/orcas. On Monday April 2/2007 i'll try again, sorry for any inconveince. If you would like to see some pictures of Yag's....... just click here to see them

This is a picture of Yag 320 taken by Ryan Moore from Yag 319.

Traditionally an orange is throwen between the 2 ships side by side for luck.
Here are some links to other web pages on the topic of Cadets

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This web page is deadicated to David Badger who loved Yag's, he was friend,Cadet,and possitive infuence on me and the rest of the cadets he served with.He died tragically in October 2005 of Heart Failure.

May he never be forgotten.